ALBUMS AS SIDEMAN Part 1 (196x - 1996)

196?  Amado "Guapachá" Borcelá - “Guapacha Con Chucho Valdes Y Su Combo”

Areito LPA-1036 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 19?? Areito LD-3171 (LP, Cuba) different cover and different order of tracks);

2007 "Guapacha - Jazz Cuba Vol. 4", Rumor Rec. / Warner Jazz 5101195872 (CD, Spain)(Front/Back)

9 tracks from Areito LPA-1036 and 5 tracks from a session with Bebo Valdés’ Big Band in 1963

196?  Leonardo Timor - “Instrumental”

Areito LP-1033 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2001 Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 315 (CD, Spain)

196? Myrtha Y Raúl - “Rosas Del Algodon”

Areito EPA-6140 (7”, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Paquito D'Rivera plays a galician bagpipe(!) on "Donde el cielo va a encontraste con el mar"

196? Juan Almeida - “Instrumental”

Areito LDA-3382 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

197?  Juan Almeida -“Leningrado”

Siboney 3672 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back/Box)

Part of the 5 LP Box "Juan Almeida - Musica Instrumental"

1964  Jesús Valdés Y Su Combo - “Jazz Nocturno”

Areito LPA-1010 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Palma LP-1010 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back), pressing for the foreign market

Reissues: 2007 "C. Valdes & His Combo Introducing P.D'Rivera - The Complete 1964 Sessions", Malanga Music MM801 (CD, Andorra) (Front/Back) complete Areito LPA-1010 & Areito LD-3146 + bonus tracks from the Areito anthology “Pianoforte Vol. 2”; 2007 "Chucho Valdes & Combo - Jazz Cuba Vol.1", Rumor Rec./ Warner Jazz (CD, Spain) (Front/Cover) complete Areito LPA-1010 & Areito LD-3146 + 1 track from C. Valdés 1981

1964  Jesús Valdés & Combo - “Descarga”

Areito LD-3163 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2007 "C. Valdes & His Combo Introducing P.D'Rivera - The Complete 1964 Sessions", Malanga Music MM801 (CD, Andorra) (Front/Back) complete Areito LPA-1010 & Areito LD-3163 + bonus tracks from the Areito anthology “Pianoforte Vol. 2”; 2007 "Chucho Valdes & Combo - Jazz Cuba Vol.1", Rumor Rec./ Warner Jazz (CD, Spain) (Front/Cover) complete Areito LPA-1010 & Areito LD-3163 + 1 track from C. Valdés 1981

197?  Maria Cristina Martínez -“Maria Cristina”

Areito LD-3581 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Orchestration: Paquito D'Rivera a.o.

197?  Grupo Afrocuba -“Afrocuba”

Areito (LP, Cuba)

Reissues: 1980 NCL 0046 (LP, Mexico) (Front/Back)

1978  David Amram - “Havana / New York - The Historic US-Cuban Musical Exchange of 1977”

Flying Fish 057 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1979  Orquesta Egrem - “Estrellas De Areito Vol. 2”

EGREM PRD-047 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

undisclosed if Paquito D’Rivera is playing also on the other “Estrellas De Areito” volumes

1979  Emiliano Salvador - “Nueva Vision”

Areito LD-3759 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back); Movieplay/Areito 171531/3 (LP, Spain, 1979) (Front/Back);

unknown different fold-out cover (Front)

Reissues: 1995 Color Records / Qbadisk 9018 (CD) (Front)

1980  La India De Oriente (Luisa Maria Hernandez) - “i Desde El Cobre Con Amor !”

Guajiro 4001 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1980  David Amram - “At Home / Around The World”

Flying Fish FLY94 (LP, USA) (Front)

Reissues: 1996 Flying Fish 094 (CD, USA)

1981  Various Artists - “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

CBS LP37551 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1981  McCoy Tyner - “La Leyenda De La Hora”

CBS 85143 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

CBS / Sony 25AP 2134 (LP, Japan) (Front)

1982  Various Artists - “The New York – Montreux Connection”

CBS 37652 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

Recordings from Monteux Jazz Festival and Kool Jazz Festival, N.Y.

1982  Don Gonzalez Fernandez - “Repicao”

Toboga Records TLP-607 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1982  Various Artists - “The Young Lions”

Elektra/Musicians 60196 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

Recordings from a concert at Carnegie Hall, N.Y.

1982  Janis Siegel - “Experiment In White”

Atlantic ATL 50903 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2002 Wounded Bird Records 8007 (CD, USA) (Front)


1983  Carlos Franzetti - “Prometheus”

Audiophile Records AP-187 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)


1983  Danie Ponce - “New York Now”

Celluloid CELL 5005 (LP, USA) (Front/Back), unknown cover (Front)

1983  Coconuts - “Don't Take My Coconuts”

EMI 17097 (USA)

1983  Dizzy Gillespie - “Dizzy Gillespies Dream Band”

Fox Lorber FLV5134 (DVD-Video, USA) (Front/Back)

recorded live at Lincoln Center New York 1982

1983  David Amram And Friends - “Latin Jazz Celebration”

CAT 60195 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1983  Soledad Bravo - “Mambembe”

Top Hits 103-07376 (LP, Venezuela) (Front/Back)

1984  The Rising Sun Afro Jazz Orchestra - “The Rising Sun Afro Jazz Orchestra Featuring Paquito D'Rivera”

Black Tiger Music Production DDB 380746 (12” EP, Canada) (Label A/Label B)

very obscure and rare item, recorded live at the Rising Sun Night Club, Montreal

1984  Claudio Roditi - “Red On Red”

CTI K26P 6293 / Green Street GS2001 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1984  Super All Stars - “The Classic Latin Big Band Sound”

Caiman Rec 9002 (LP, USA) (Front/Back), also as white vinyl

Reissue: 1987 Globestyle Records (LP,UK) (Front) blue vinyl

1984  Chico O'Farrill - “Guaguasí - Música Para La Película Copmuesta Y Dir. Por Chico O'Farrill”

KIM K-746 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)


1984  Urszula Dudziak - “High Horse”

CTI K26P6307 (LP, USA) (Front)

1985  Carlos Franzetti - “New York Toccata”

Verve/Polygram Argentina 24233 (LP, Argentina) (Front/Back)

1985  Soledad Bravo - “Soledad Bravo”

Sono Rodven SR057 (LP, Venezuela) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 1987 "Volando Voy" Messidor 15965 (LP, Germany) (Front/Back)

1984  Various Artists - “Beat Street”

Atlantic 80154-1 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

OST, P.D‘Rivera in "Tu Carino/Carmens Theme" by Ruben Blades

1975  Grupo De Experimentacion De Sonora -“ICAIC”

Areito LD-3482 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Paquito D‘Rivera on flute in „Santiago De Cuba“

1981  Luis Oscar - “Tú Y Ella”

LIM Records KIM K-715 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1983  Elbow Bones & The Racketeers - “A Night In New York”

EMI Amerika 1C K 062 2000056 (12“ EP, USA) (Front)

1983  Elbow Bones & The Racketeers - “New York At Dawn”

EMI Amerika 1A 064 7171031 (12“ EP, USA) (Front)

1986  Louie Ramirez - “A Tribute To Cal Tjader”

Caiman Records CLP 9025 (LP, USA) (Front/Back);

Reissues: BGP 1013 (LP) (Front); 2004 “Paquito D'Rivera & Louie Ramirez - Tribute To Cal Tjader", Yemaya YY9427 (CD, Andorra) (Front)

1986  Chris Connor - “Classic”

Contemporary/Fantasy C-14023 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1986  Mario Bauzá y Graciela - “Afro Cuban Jazz”

Caiman Records CLP 9017 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2004 “Mario Bauzá, Paquito D’Rivera, Jorge Dalto - Afro Cuban Jazz", Yemaya 9426 (CD, Andorra) (Front)

1986  Alfredo Valdes Jr. - “i Su piano y su Sabor !”

Palm Records LP-8603 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1986  Various Artists - “Crossover Dreams”

Elektra 3149 (USA)


1987  Danie Ponce - “Arawe”

Antilles 90631-1 (LP, USA) (Front/Back); Antilles ANCD 8710 (CD, USA)

1987  Astor Piazzolla - “The Rough Dancer & The Cyclical Night”

American Clavé AMCL 1019 (LP, USA) (Front/Back), also as CD with same number

Reissues: 1991 Atlantic 79515 (CD, USA); 1993 "Late Masterpieces" American Clave AMCL 1022

(3CD, USA)

1987  University Of Miami Concert Jazz Band Featuring Paquito D'Rivera - “My Ideal”

AR 12350 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1989  Severi Pyysalo - “Autumn Leaves - Severi Comes”

Selecta Selp/SECD 015 (CD, USA) (Front)

1989  Victor Mendoza - “If Only You Knew”

L&R Records CDLR 45019/ Bellaphon (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1989  Louie Ramirez Y Su Orquesta - “Sexy Salsa”

The Major Records TM-003 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1989  Ana Caram - “Rio After Dark”

Chesky Records JD28 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

Chesky Records JR28 (LP, USA)

1989  Various Artists - “Perspectives - The Columbia Jazz Sampler”

Columbia (CD, USA)

1989  Roberto Fats Fernandez - “New York Sessions & Trabajos Portenos”

Discos Melopea DM027 (LP, Argentina)

Reissues: 2004 Melopea CDM027 (CD, Argentina) (Front/Back)

recorded 1986 in New York

1990  Claudio Roditi - “Milestones - Live At Birdland”

Candid 79515 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1990  Clark Terry - “Live At The Village Gate”

Chesky Records JD49 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1990  Jacques Holender - “Musicans In Exile”

Casa de Musica 7552 (DVD, Netherlands) (Front/Back)

Documentary about musicans living in exile

1991  Dizzy Gillespie & The United Nation Orchestra - “Live At The Royal Festival Hall”

Enja 6044-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back);

Reissues: Mesa/Blue Moon 79658 (CD, USA)

also as DVD-Video Eagle Vision 300099 (2001) (Front), unknown cover (Front), and VHS Eagle Vision 300093 (Front), unknown cover (Front)

1991  Hendrik Meurkens - “Sambahia”

Concord Picante CCD-4474 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1991  Kerry Kluner Big Band - “Live At The Westend Cultural Center”

Justintime JTR 84436-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1991  Mario Bauzá And His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - “Tanga”

Messidor 15819-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1991  Various Artists - “Heineken Jazz Fest Puerto Rico 1991”

HKN Records 1991 (CD) (Front)

1992  Louie Ramirez - “Sexy Salsa Vol. 2”

The Mayor Records TM-004 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1992  Various Artists - “Reed Royalty”

Video Artists International 69072 (VHS, Japan) (Front);

PILJ-1116 (LD, Japan)

Documentary, directed by Burrill Crohn

1992  Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars - “Live At The Village Gate”

RMM Records / Tropijazz 80879 (CD, USA) (Front)

1992  Various Artists - “JVC Jazz Festival Presents: A Night of Chesky Jazz - Live”

Chesky Records JD82 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

Chesky Records JR82 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1992  Dizzy Gillespie - “To Bird with Love”

Telarc 83451-B (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1992  Giovanni Hidalgo - “Villa Hidalgo”

Messidor 15817-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2004 Universal Latino 36063 (CD, USA) (Front)

1992  Mario Bauzá And His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra - “My Time Is Now”

Messidor 15824-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

Reissues: 2006 Timba Records (CD, Germany) (Front)

1986  Dizzy Gillespie - “Jazz In America / Dizzy Gillespie In Redondo Beach”

Embassy Home Entertainmaent 1222 (VHS, USA) (Front/Back);

also as „Live At Concerts By The Sea“ MJ-126-15CS (LD, Japan),

concert recorded on February 26,1981 in Redondo Beach, California

1988  Willy Chirino - “Amandote”

CBS DIL-10542 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1993  Cachao - “Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos”

Cine Son / Epic Music Video 16V 49191 (VHS, USA) (Front/Back/Label)

Documentary by Andy Garcia

1993  Gloria Estefan - “Mi Tierra”

Sony Music EK53807 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1993  The Ed Cherry Trio - “First Take”

Groovin’ High 1009-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1993  Bobby Sanabria - “! New York City Aché !”

Flying Fish 70630 (USA) (Front/Back)

1994  Richie Zellon - “Café Con Leche”

Songosaurus 724772 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1994  Israel "Cachao" Lopez - “Master Sessions Vol. 1”

Cine Son EK 64320 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1994  Michel Camilo - “One More Once”

Columbia / Sony 477753-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1994  Lalo Schifrin - “More Jazz Meets The Symphony”

East West 4509-95589-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1994  Gloria Estefan - “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me”

Epic / SONY 66205 (CD, USA) (Front)

1994  The Blackout Allstars - “I Like It”

Columbia 44 77685 (12” EP, USA) (Front/Back); OST

Columbia CAS 9740 (12” Promo-EP, USA) (Front/Label A/Label B); OST

1994  Various Artists - “I Like It Like That Vol. 1”

Columbia 7464-57761-1 (CD, USA) (Front), OST;

Reissues: Columbia 4773342 (CD, USA) (Front)

1994  Various Artists - “I Like It Like That Vol. 2”

Columbia (CD, USA) (Front), OST

1994  Dizzy Gillespie & The United Nation Orchestra - “Stangers In Paradise”

Jazz Door JD1269 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1994  Jeanie Bryson - “Tonight I Need You So”

Telarc CD-83348 (CD, USA) (Front)

1994  Roberto Perera - “Seduction”

Heads Up HUCD30302 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1995  Israel "Cachao" Lopez - “Master Sessions Vol. 2”

Cine Son 481403-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1995  Denise Jannah - “I Was Born In Love With You”

Blue Note 833390 (CD, USA) (Front)

1995  Herbie Mann - “65th Birthday Celebration”

Lightyear 54185-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1995  Juan Pablo Torres - “Trombone Man”

RMM Records 81601 (CD, USA) (Front)

1995  Valerie Capers - “Come On Home”

Columbia 66670 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)


1995  David Amram & Jack Kerouac - “Pull My Daisy”

Premier Recordings PRCD 1046 (CD, USA) (Front)

recorded at Musikfest Bethlehem, Pensylvania 1988/1989

1996  Various Artists - “Bending Towards The Light…A Jazz Nativity”

Milan Records 35770-2 (2CD,USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Jeanie Bryson - “...Sings Songs Of Peggy Lee - Some Cats Know”

Telarc CD-83391 (CD, USA) (Front)

1996  Lalo Schifrin - “Jazz Meets The Symphony No. 3 – Firebird Suite”

Four Winds Entertainment FW2004 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Bernardo Sassetti - “Salsetti”

West Wind 2228 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1996  Richie Cole - “Kush - The Music Of Dizzy Gillespie”

Heads Up HUCD30322 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Michel Camilo - “Too Much”

Verve 3145298522 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)


1996  Levon Ichkhanian - “After Hours”

LIP 1068 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Imre Bajkas Cocinando - “Still Sun”

Bellaphon CDLR 45108 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1996  Michael Orta - “Freedom Tower”

Fantasy CCD-14076-2 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Kimson Plaut - “Ubatuba”

LPC Music Inc. 01/96 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Mario Bauzá - “Messidor's Finest Vol.2”

Messidor 15842-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

Sampler, tracks from various Bauzá-Albums on Messidor

1996  Prime Crime - “Animal Rites”

Lipstick Records LIP 8943-2  (CD, Germany) (Front)

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1981  Anahay - „No Llores Por Mi...“

Prado Records (LP, USA) (Front/Back)