1974  Irakere - “Teatro Amadeo Roldán - Rectical”

Areito LDA-3420 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back); Alternative Cover (Front/Back);

Reissues: 1977: „Irakere 1“ Vedette Records VPA-8365 (LP, Italy) (Front/Back); “Grupo Irakere” Balkanton BTA-2076 (LP, Bulgaria) (Front/Back); 1978 : Love Records CULP-2 (LP, Finnland) (Front/Back); “Irakere Vol.1” Egrem 145 (CD, Cuba) (Front)

1976  Irakere - “Grupo Irakere”

Areito LD-3660 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back);

Ariola LA-091 (LP) (Front/Back);

Reissues: “Seleccion Irakere Vol. 3”, Egrem 147 (CD, Cuba) (Front/Back)

1976  Fara Maria & Los Irakeres - “The Golden Orpheus ‘76”

Balkanton BTA-2059 (LP, Bulgaria) (Front/Back)

live at Golden Orpheus Festival in Bulgaria 1976

1978  Irakere - “Irakere Con Leo Brouwer En Vivo - Teatro Karl Marx”

Areito LD-3769 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back);

Discos NCL0061 (LP, Mexico);

Reissues: “Seleccion Irakere Vol. 2”, Egrem 146 (CD, Cuba) (Front)

1979  Irakere - “Seleccion De Exitos 1973-1979”

Areito LD-4004 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back);

second issue as “Selecion De Exitos 73-80 Vol.2 / Pre-Edicion Varadero 1981” Areito LD-4004 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back), different cover but same label number

1979  Irakere - “Chekere Son”

JVC VIP-6691 (LP, Japan) (Front/Back); Vampi Soul VAMPI-032 (LP, USA) (Front); Love Records CULP-7 (LP, Finnland) (Front)

1979  Irakere - “Irakere”

Columbia/CBS JC-35655 (LP, USA) (Front/Back); Areito LD-3797 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back); Areito VIJ-6327 “Irakere - Live at Newport & Montreux Jazz Festival" (LP, Japan) (Front/Back); Integra EG-13007 (LP, Venezuela)

1979  Various Artists - “Havana Jam 1”

Columbia/CBS 36053 (2LP, USA) (Front/Back)

legendary recording of a concert at the Teatro Karl Marx/Havana with cuban and american musicans

1979  Irakere - “Live at Carnegie Hall”

Columbia (2LP, USA) (Label B/Label C)

extremly rare dubplate testpressing, never issued

1979  Various Artists - “Havana Jam 2”

Columbia/CBS 36180 (2LP, USA) (Front/Back)

legendary recording of a concert at the Teatro Karl Marx/Havana with cuban and american musicans

197?  Irakere - “Musica Cubana Contemporanea”

Areito LD-3726 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back)

1980  Irakere - “Irakere 2”

Columbia/CBS JC-36107 (LP, USA) (Front/Back); Areito/Integra EG-13047 (LP, Venezuela) (Front/Back)

1980  Irakere - “Anung Anunga”

Columbia AS-793 (12” Promo-EP, USA) (Label A/B)

one Track from "Irakere 2" (Columbia/CBS JC-36107)

1998  Irakere - “From Havana With Love”

West Wind 2223 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

live recording of a concert in Belgrad (4.11.1978)

2007  Irakere - “Jazz Cuba Vol. 5”

Rumor Records / Warner Jazz (CD, USA) (Front)

Reissue of recordings from different sessions. The liner notes are particularly vague: the outer sleeve says the tracks were recorded in 1976 and the inner sleeve says 1970, but Irakere was actually formed in 1973, so none of that is very helpful

1978  Irakere - “Seleccion De Exitos 1973-1978”

Areito LD-4003 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back);

Reissues: “Seleccion Irakere Vol. 4”, Egrem (CD, Cuba) (Front)

2008  Chucho Valdés & Irakere - “World Tour 1978”

Malanga Music MM813 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

reissue of tracks from „Irakere 1“  (Columbia/CBS JC-35655) and „Teatro Amadeo Roldan Rectical“ (Areito LDA-3420)

2000  Chucho Valdés & Irakere - “Grandes Momentos De Chucho Valdés & Irakere”

Egrem CD 0005 (CD, Cuba) (Front/Back)

Reissue; (Tracks 1-3 from Areito LD-3797, Tracks 4-6 from Areito LD-3769, Tracks 7 & 8 from „Tierra En Trance“ (without Paquito), Track 9 from Areito LD-4004)