Here you will find information about recordings Paquito D’Rivera has released under his own name, as leader of the Caribbean Jazz Project and as member in various duo projects.

1967  Paquito D’Rivera - “Instrumental”  -  INFO

Areito LD-3583 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back);

Reissues: 1998 "Hay Solucion", Milan/Latino 74321428132 (CD) (Front)

1976  Paquito D’Rivera - “En Finlandia”  -  INFO

Areito LD-3666 (LP, Cuba) (Front/Back); Alternative Cover (Front)

“Jazz-Union Cuba/Finnland/Dänemark - Hasta Siempre”, Pläne G0038 (LP, Germany, 1978) (Front/Back); “En Finlandia”, Discos NCL-0045 (LP, Mexico) (Front/Back); “Paquito D’Rivera”, Love Records CULP-6 (LP, Finnland) (Front/Back)

1981  Paquito D’Rivera - “Blowin’”

CBS FC 37374 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1982  Paquito D’Rivera - “Mariel”

CBS FC 38177 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1983  Paquito D’Rivera - “Live At Keystone Korner”

CBS FC 38899 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1984  Paquito D’Rivera - “Why Not”

CBS FC 39584 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1986  Paquito D’Rivera - “Song To My Son”

CBS 38-05784 (7” Promo, USA) (Label A/Label B)

1986  Paquito D’Rivera - “Explosion”

CBS 26835 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1987  Paquito D’Rivera - “Manhattan Burn”

CBS 4509921 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

CBS 28AP 3329 (LP, Japan) (Label A/Label B)

Reissues: Columbia CK40583 (CD, USA)

1988  Paquito D’Rivera - “Celebration”

CBS 44077 (LP, USA) (Front/Back)

1989  Paquito D’Rivera - “La Habana-Rio Conexion”

Messidor 15820.2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1989  Paquito D’Rivera - “Return To Ipanema”

Town Crier Recordings TCD516 (CD, USA) (Front/Back),

unknown cover (Front)

1989  Paquito D’Rivera - “Tico Tico”

Chesky Records JD34 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1990  Paquito D’Rivera - “Who's Smoking?!”

Candid CCD 79523 (CD, USA) (Front/Back);

unknown cover (Front)

1991  Paquito D’Rivera - “Reunion”

Messidor 15805-1 (LP, Germany) (Front/Back); Messidor 15805-2 (CD, Germany);

Reissues: 1994 Pimienta 360610 (CD, USA) (Front)

1992  Paquito D’Rivera - “Havana Café”

Chesky Records JD60 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1993  Paquito D’Rivera - “40 Years Of Cuban Jam Session”

Messidor 15826-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1993  Paquito D’Rivera - “A Night In Englewood”

Messidor 15829-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back);

Reissues: Pimienta (CD, USA) (Front)

1994  Paquito D’Rivera - “A Taste Of Paquito”

Columbia/Legacy CK-57717 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

Sampler with tracks from the ‘81 - ‘86 LPs

1995  The Carribbean Jazz Project - “The Carribbean Jazz Project”

Heads UP HUCD 3033 (CD, USA) (Front/Back);

Inak 9038 (CD, Germany)

1996  Paquito D’Rivera - “Portraits Of Cuba”

Chesky Records JD145 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

Chesky Records SACD298 (MCH-SACD, USA)

1996  Paquito D’Rivera - “Cuba Jazz – 90 Miles to Cuba”

RIMM Rec.660.58.114 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1996  Paquito D’Rivera - “Messidor’s Finest Volume 1”

Messidor 15841-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

Label-Sampler from Messidor Records

1997  Paquito D’Rivera - “Chamber Music From The South”

Mix House MH0002 (CD, Brazil) (Front/Back)

1997  Caribbean Jazz Project - “Island Stories”

Heads Up HUCD3039 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1997  Paquito D'Rivera With The United Nations Orchestra - “Live at Manchester Craftsmens Guild”

MCG 1003 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

1998  Paquito D'Rivera - “100 Years of Latin Love Songs”

Heads Up HUCD 3045 (CD, USA) (Front/Back);

INAK 30452 (CD, Germany); TopMusic/Heads Up TMCD 1026 (CD, USA), Gold-CD for the asian market (Front/Back)

1998  Paquito D'Rivera - “Musica De Dos Mundos / Music From Two Worlds”

Acqua Records / Elephant EL2006 (CD, Argentina) (Front/Back)

1999  Paquito D'Rivera - “Tropicana Nights”

Chesky Records JD 186 (CD, USA) (Front)

Chesky Records SACD208 (Stereo-SACD, USA) (Front/Back)

1999  Paquito D'Rivera - “Mambo A La Kenton / A Mi Que”

Chesky Records / Disc Mendi (Single CD, Spain) (Front/Back)


1999  Paquito D'Rivera - “Habanera”

Enja ENJ-9395 2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

1999  Andrea Merenzon & Paquito D'Rivera - “Danzon En Vivo”  -  INFO

Revista Clásica CDC 0037 (CD, Argentina) (Front/Back)

Recording from the 28. IDRS International Conference 1999, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2000  Paquito D'Rivera - “29. IDRS International Conference”  -  INFO


Recording from the 29. IDRS International Conference 2000, Buenos Aires

2000  Paquito D'Rivera Quintet - “Live At The Blue Note”

Half Note Records 15095 4911 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

2000  Paquito D'Rivera - “For Auguste Reymond”  -  INFO

Partners In Time 712003-98 (CD, Switzerland) (Front/Back)

This CD is only available with the Paquito D’Rivera-watch (“Partners In Time”-Edition) from Auguste Reymond

196?  Paquito Rivera - “Invitacion A Una Locura”  -  INFO

EGREM EP-6040 (EP, Cuba) (Front/Back)



2001  Paquito D'Rivera - “Sons Do Brasil”

West Wind 2247 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

live recording from 1994

2002  Paquito D'Rivera - “The Clarinetist Vol.1”

Peregrina Music PM50221 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back);

Universal 160523 (CD, USA)

2002  Paquito D'Rivera - “Brazilian Dreams”

MCGJ 1010 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

2002  Paquito D'Rivera - “Este Camino Largo”

Yemayá YY9424 (CD, Andorra) (Front/Back)

Reissue of different Tracks from ”En Finlandia” (Areito LD-3666) , “Grupo Irakere” (Areito LD-3660) and “Irakere Con Leo Brouwer En Vivo - Teatro Karl Marx” (Areito LD-3769)

2002  Paquito D'Rivera - “(Stravinsky’s) Historia Del Soldado”

DD&R CE R014 / Pimienta Records (CD, Spain) (Front/Back)

2002  Paquito D'Rivera & The WDR Big Band - “Big Band Time”

Timba Records 59773-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

2003  Paquito D'Rivera - “The Lost Sessions”

Yemaya YY9423 (CD, Andorra) (Front)

Reissue of different Tracks from ”En Finlandia” (Areito LD-3666) and "Instrumental" (Areito LD-3583)

2004  Paquito D'Rivera - “Riberas”

Epsa Music 0500-02 (CD, Argentina) (Front/Back)

2005  Paquito D'Rivera - “The Jazz Chamber Trio”

Chesky Records JD 293 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

2006  Paquito D'Rivera - “Paquito Para Los Amigos”

Calle 54 Records / BMG 828768-19032 (CD, Spain) (Front)


2007  Paquito D'Rivera - “Funk Tango”

Paquito Records CD07 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

2007  Paquito D'Rivera & Chano Domínguez - “Quartier Latin”

Opus Arte OA 6001 D (DVD-Video, UK) (Front/Back)

recording of a concert at the Teatro Real Madrid

2008  Paquito D'Rivera & WDR Big Band, Fay Claassen - “Improvise One”

Connector Records 59846-2 (DVD-Video, Germany) (Front/Back)

Recording of a concert in the Philharmonie Köln/Germany (Musiktrienale Köln 2008),

Bonustrack: “Latin Rhythms” (concert with WDR Big Band from the 90th)

20??  Paquito D'Rivera - “Mi Vida Saxual”

Audio-Book, 9 MCs, Narrator: Paquito D‘Rivera (in spanish) (Front)

2008  Paquito D'Rivera & WDR Big Band, Fay Claassen - “Improvise One”

Connector Records 59847-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

Recording of a concert in the Philharmonie Köln/Germany (Musiktrienale Köln 2008),

one track more than in the DVD version, wrong track information in the booklet

2008  Paquito D'Rivera - „Spice It Up - The Best Of Paquito D‘Rivera“

Chesky Records JD340 (CD, USA) (Front)

Label-Sampler from Chesky Records

2009  Paquito D'Rivera Quintet feat. Sabine Meyer, Reiner Wehle, Wolfgang Meyer - „jaZZ - claZZ“

Timba Records 59861-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

2010  Paquito D'Rivera Quintet wit the Pablo Aslan Ensemble - „Tango Jazz - Live At Jazz At Lincoln Center“

Paquito Records SSC 4553 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)

2010  Paquito D'Rivera , Christopher Dell & WDR Big Band - „Benny Goodman Revisited“

Connector Records 59882-2 (CD, Germany) (Front/Back)

2010  Paquito D'Rivera - „Panamericana Suite“

MCGJ 1026 (CD, USA) (Front/Back)